Graham Fell

Executive Vice President, US, EMEA at FlexDev

Graham Fell is the Executive Vice President for FlexDev for the US and EMEA and Head of Diversity and Inclusion [D&I]. At FlexDev, Graham is responsible for building out the Next Generation Delivery Center Concept (NGDC+), for marketing, and building out FlexDev’ s go-to-market strategy and partner ecosystem. He regularly participates in discussions and think tank forums to discuss the future of outsourcing. Graham is involved in talks to promote the BSS/SSC/ITO sector in Poland and engages in forums and debates around IT and Finance, BPO outsourcing and the current technology trends in IT. He has a master’s degree in marketing and commercial strategy from the Sorbonne University in Paris and an MBA from the London School of Economics and Political Science


Thursday 18th November


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