The Embassy of the Republic of Poland, 47 Portland Pl, Marylebone, London, W1B 1JH

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Why should you join British-Polish IT Forum?


The world is facing an acute shortage of skilled IT workers to drive forward a tech-based economic recovery. For the UK, already lacking in around 800,000 programmers, developers, engineers and computer scientists, the problem is made worse by the ending of freedom of movement from the EU.


At the same time, Poland’s tech sector is developing rapidly, driven by inward investment, multinational corporations’ IT hubs and a vigorous start-up scene. The UK is seen by ambitious Polish tech firms as an excellent springboard to global growth, providing an excellent opportunity for the Polish-British partnership to share knowledge, drive innovation and find technological solutions to global problems.


This event, bringing together tech buyers, vendors and outsourcing companies interested in exploring the potential of the British- Polish IT partnership and co-operation IT.


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LISTEN TO THE Event Speakers

Agnieszka Kowalska

Chargé d’Affaires a.i. at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London

Dr Chris Moore

Technology Sector Specialist at the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT)

Lukasz Grabowski

Deputy Director, Centre for Exports, Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Michael Dembinski

Chief Adviser, British Polish Chamber of Commerce

Andrzej Krężel

Counsellor, Head of Economic Section, Embassy of the Republic of Poland

Justyna Lipczynska

Regional Manager in Export Centre at the Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Dr. Peter Dirken

Programme Manager - Global Innovation Missions & Lead for Australia, New Zealand & the Netherlands at Innovate UK (part of UK Research & Innovation)

Robert Strzelecki

Chief Executive Officer at TenderHut

Chris Jones

Managing Director, PSE Consulting

Marzena Kwasna

Representative of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency [PAIH]

Kieron Scrutton

Kieron Scrutton, Vice President GSK Commercial Channels and Technology, based in London

Marc Burrage

Managing Director at Hays Poland

Bob Poole

Chief Sales Officer - TenderHut

Graham Fell

Executive Vice President, US, EMEA at FlexDev

Maciej Kasprzak

General Manager, Ailleron

Andrzej Wytyczak-Partyka

Co-founder at CodeWave

Matthew Weaver


Andrew Ingle-Finch

Finance and Corporate Development at RedCompass

Andrew Radcliffe

Managing Director, Spyrosoft Ltd Co-Founder & Supervisory Board Member, Spyrosoft SA

Wojciech Wencel

CEO & founder at Summ-it


How to source Tech Talent - linking the British and Polish experience


  • 09:00


    Please bring your ID.

  •  Agnieszka Kowalska 09:30
    Agnieszka Kowalska

    Welcome and opening - The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London.

  •  Lukasz Grabowski 09:45
    Lukasz Grabowski


    Current trends and development of the IT market in Poland - Polish Investment and Trade Agency


  •  Marc Burrage 10:00
    Marc Burrage


    Finding tech talent and location for IT investment - Hays Poland

  •  Graham Fell 10:15
    Graham Fell


    Why Next, the UK’s largest fashion retailer, chose Poland as the location for developing its mission-critical IT centre - FlexDev

  •  Michael Dembinski 10:30
    Michael Dembinski

    Panel discussion

    British managers describe their experience of working with the tech sector in Poland.

  • 11:10

    Coffee break and networking [Live-streaming Interviews]

  •  Dr. Peter Dirken 11:30
    Dr. Peter Dirken


    Connecting UK businesses to innovation globally – Innovate UK



  •  Dr Chris Moore 11:50
    Dr Chris Moore


    UK Technology Landscape: Opportunities for Polish Companies - Department for International Trade

  •  Michael Dembinski 12:10
    Michael Dembinski

    Panel discussion

    Polish growth champions describe their experience of working with/in the UK

  •  Andrzej Krężel 12:50
    Andrzej Krężel

    Closing remarks [Live-streaming ends]

  • 13:00

    Business Networking and Lunch

  • 14:00


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